2019 : A design concept of fuzzy decision support system for construction workers safety monitoring

Prof. Dr. Ir. Nadjadji Anwar M.Sc.
Achmad Arifin S.T.M.Eng.,Ph.D
Tri Joko Wahyu Adi ST., MT., Ph.D
Fauzan Arrofiqi ST, MT


A construction project is very dynamic activities with high workloads and tight schedules, resulting in a fatigue condition of the workers. Due to the worker’s physical and physiological conditions that change over time, the risks may be varying from fatigue, and may become a potential danger of accidents. In a modern construction work safety should be planned, monitored, analyzed easily using a sophisticated system. As an attempt to realize the system, our research group developed a decision support system for construction worker safety monitoring based on fuzzy system approach. The design concept of the fuzzy decision support system with focus on worker performance related to prediction of fatigue and safety is discussed in this paper. The decision support system was designed based on fuzzy inference system with physiological data (heart rate, body temperature, and muscle activity) and project environment …