2021 : Risk analysis of delay on passenger vessel repair project

Silvianita ST, M.Sc, Ph.D



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Vessels are needed for transporting passengers to cross the islands. Drajat Paciran is a passenger vessel that must continue to operate, so that this vessel requires periodic maintenance in order to operate properly. This vessel has a contract for repairs carried out by one of repair vessel company in indonesia, but the implementation has been delayed. To analyze the delay of the project in this study using 2 methods combined, namely fuzzy logic, method event tree analysis method and fault tree analysis method. From the results of the analysis using Fuzzy FTA, the results of the total probability of the top event event delay in passenger vessel repair projects occurred at 0,1642. The results of the Fuzzy ETA diagram are obtained by passenger vessels being repaired but experiencing delays ranging from 1 day - 14 days due to various factors and subject to fines per day. So the fine ranges from Rp. 1,428,000 to Rp. 9,996,000. The results of the Fuzzy ETA diagram also have several consequences that have a level of risk, 2 consequences of having a low risk level and 3 consequences having a level of risk Moderate.