2019 : Active fault tolerant control design in regenerative anti-lock braking system of electric vehicle with sensor fault

Dr. Katherin Indriawati ST, MT


Regenerative Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is a braking system in vehicle electric (electric vehicle) which can prevent locking on vehicle wheel and do recovery kinetic energy braking into a battery charge. In this paper, regenerative ABS applied in quarter car model approach. Regenerative ABS had many components in it one of them is a sensor. The sensor fault can reduce the safety level of the regenerative ABS. In this paper, Active Fault Tolerant Control (AFTC) scheme is applied to ABS regenerative ABS to accommodate the wheel speed sensor fault to improve system performance. Sliding Mode Controller is used in this regenerative ABS controller with k and epsilon (ɛ) gain parameters 10 and 3 with a maximum overshoot of 18.95%, error steady state 0% and settling time of 0.08 seconds. Then, the AFTC algorithm works by using the residual calculation result (fs^) as the compensation value of the …