2019 : Performance Analysis of Lossy Multilevel Quantization on Secret Key Generation Scheme in Indoor Wireless Environment

Dr. Ir. Suwadi M.T.


Necessity for secured communication devices that has limited computing power has encouraged the development of key generation scheme. The generation of a symmetric key scheme that utilizes randomness of wireless channels offers a most promising solution as a result of the easy distribution of secret key mechanisms. In the last few years, various schemes have been proposed, but there are trade-offs between the performance parameters used. The expected parameters are the low Key Disagreement Rate (KDR), the high Key Generation Rate (KGR), and the fulfillment of standard of randomness. In this paper, we propose the use of a combination of pre-processing methods with multilevel lossy quantization to overcome the trade-off of performance parameters of the Secret Key Generation (SKG) scheme. We used Kalman as the pre-processing method and Adaptive Quantization, Modified Multi-Bit (MMB …