2021 : MHD Fluid Flow Past A Sliced Magnetic Sphere when Mixed Convection Included

Prof. Dr. Basuki Widodo M.Sc.



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We consider mathematical modelling of Magnetohydrodynamics viscous fluid flow past a magnetic sliced sphere when the effect of mixed convection included. We further develop dimensional governing equations obtained from the laws of mass, momentum, and energy, and boundary conditions. The dimensional governing equations further are converted into non-dimensional equations by using non-dimensional variables. This non-linear equation system is solved numerically using Keller-Box scheme. We further analyse velocity and temperature of the fluid in front of lower stagnation point when various parameters, such as Prandtl number, sliced angle, magnetic parameter and mixed convection parameter. We obtain that when magnetic parameter increases then fluid velocity decreases but the fluid temperature increases. When we increase the convection parameter then the velocity of the fluid increases but the temperature decreases. For the Prandtl number parameter increases then both of the velocity and temperature of the fluid decrease. Finally, when the sliced angle parameter increases then the fluid velocity increases but the fluid temperature decreases.