2019 : The ENSO’s Influence on the Indonesian Sea Level Observed Using Satellite Altimetry, 1993 – 2016

Dr. Eko Yuli Handoko ST.,MT.


Global mean sea level (GMSL) and El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) has a high correlation. This study aims to investigate the impact of ENSO on the Indonesian seas using satellite altimetry for a period 24 years (1993 – 2016). The correlations between ENSO and sea level variability were performed by ENSO indices. The effect of ENSO to the Indonesian seas is significant which is shown by the correlation index of −0.84, −0.85 and 0.70 for Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI), Oceanic Niño Index (ONI), and Southern Oscillation Index (SOI), respectively. The eastern areas of Indonesian seas have a highest impact of ENSO.