2019 : Exploring Peat Thickness Variability Using VLF Method

Dr. Sungkono S.Si, M.Si
Ir. Sungkono CES


This paper tried to prove the capability of a geophysical method, called VLF (very low frequency) for peat thickness variability exploration. The method involved using the VLF receiver to measure the VLF properties emitted by the ground from the study area. The study was carried out in Jambi Province of Indonesia in three different depths of peat area, ie; very deep (8-15 m), deep (3-8 m) and shallow (0-3 m) peat. The depth was confirmed by direct measurement. The VLF measurement was done along transects on each areas. The data was processed using NAMEMD (Noise Assisted Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition) method and converted into value and depth of resistivity using Inv2DVLF software. The study indicated that the resistivity, shows significant difference (F (2, 6317)= 4.525, p= 0.011) between the area of very deep peat and the shallow peat. The resistivity varies according to peat thickness. In …