2018 : Performance evaluation of housing contractor by applying the principles of environmentally friendly infrastructure

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo MScES


Contractor performance is very influential in determining the quality of construction project. Many factors cause the problem of construction projects in Indonesia. One of the most influential issues is the contractor's management system and services to the customers or users. Contractor management and service systems have a significant effect on the contractor's performance. This study aims to evaluate the quality of contractor performance in the procurement of housing construction projects. The performance evaluation of contractors refers to the Green Building principles, which has become an essential issue at the moment regarding the application of environmentally friendly buildings. The object of research is housing project in Jember East Java Indonesia. The method used is multiple linear regression analysis by analyzing the level of user satisfaction on contractor performance. The level of comfort is referred to as the voice of user which is the consumer who bought the house in the project. Most of the physical implementation of the plan considers a lot of technical aspects without including a perception that contains the needs and user satisfaction of the physical work. The research results obtained seven contractor performance variables that need to be evaluated include Assurance, Responsibility and Reliability, Functional Performance, Aesthetics, Easiness, Durability, and Environmentally and Eco-friendly. The result of analysis gets the influence of seven performance factor which represented by the value of R Square= 0.964, meaning the variation of house procurement performance by the contractor can be explained by regression …