2012 : Mathematical Modelling of CO sub (2) Absorption by K sub (2) CO sub (3) Solution Promoted by MDEA in a Packed Column

Prof.Ir. Ali Altway M.Sc


This research aims to develop rate-based model of reactive absorption of CO 2 by potassium carbonate solution promoted by MDEA in a packed column. Plug flow pattern was assumed to describe gas and liquid flow in the packed column. The interfacial mass transfer phenomena were described by rate-based two-film model with Maxwell-Stevan multi-components diffusion theory. The interfacial mass transfer model was linearized using DeLanceyy's approach and the analytical solution by Kenig et al was used to estimate the absorption rate. The absorption rate was also estimated using enhancement concept. The differential mass and energy balance equations in packed column were solved numerically using finite difference method under MATLAB 6. 1 environment. An experiment was carried out using laboratory scale packed column to validate the model. The simulations were performed on commercial scale …