Ir. Suwarmin
Bambang Pramujati ST, MSc.Eng, Ph.D
Hendro Nurhadi Dipl., Ing., Ph.D.
Ari Kurniawan Saputra S.T., M.T.


Cable driven parallel robots are types of robotic manipulators that recently have attracted many attentions for large operational workspace. Cable driven parallel robots are relatively simple in form which have low inertia hence they can move with high velocity. By considering those advantages, this research project aims to develop a cable driven parallel robot (CDPR) that can be reconfigured sequentially for the application of search-and-rescue system. The CDPR to be designed in this project should be easily transportable and deployable. In addition, the base frame of CDPR should be adaptable to different levels of terrain, so called reconfigurable CDPR. \n The designed CDPR is mainly functioned to carry a life sensor which can rapidly scan and search living objects under the debris of a disaster area. In order to ensure the completion of the project, this research is organized into few work packages that include conceptual design of reconfigurable cable driven parallel robots, static equilibrium analysis of reconfigurable cable driven parallel robots as well as development and simulation of the required controller. \n A new architecture of reconfigurable cable driven parallel robot for search and rescue purposes will be generated from this research project. The static and stiffness analysis will be thoroughly performed in order to ensure the stability of the proposed design. A control scheme will be carefully designed to fulfill the dynamic behaviour specification of the system. Control simulation will be performed in order to evaluate the performance of the controller. The whole stages from conceptual design, static analysis, controller design as well as control simulation will be very useful as a basis to realize the prototype of CDPR in the future. This prototype can be utilized to demonstrate the search-and-rescue task and validate experimentally the theoretical results obtained from this project.\n\nKey words: cable driven parallel robots, reconfigurable, robot control, search-and-rescue,