2019 : A Concept of WSD as an Implemented Approach to the Successful Design of a High-Rise Residential

Dr Christiono Utomo S.T., M.T.


Construction project success depends on success of design. It is very rare previous research about the success of design as a determinant to the success of construction projects. The Whole System Design (WSD) approach in a planning of a high-rise residential property consider the success interrelatedness of both problems and solutions. It can help to create more sustainable designs. Nevertheless, designers often face several factors that exclusively reduce the rate of successful design i.e. design model and methods. One way to manage this issue is to reduce ambiguousness by using a whole system design approach. This study purposes to explore framework of Whole System Design approach for successful design. Application of literature review method is used to understanding the problem by analysing 20 articles about high-rise building, residential and whole system design. The result presents a mapping of …