2019 : Larona hydropower inlet canal flow analysis as potential hydrokinetic energy generation

Dr. Ridho Hantoro S.T., M.T.


Maximizing the performance of hydroelectric power plant by utilizing the incoming flow of hydropower channel through conversion of the hydrokinetic turbine is the main topic of this paper. In this case, the design of the diameter and velocity of the rotor is very basic and depends on the depth and speed of the canal flow. This research will take place on canals at PT Vale Indonesia Tbk through theoretical potential approach, primary and secondary data collection and CFD simulation. To assess the potential of these hydrokinetic resources, research is needed to analyze channel characteristic, and to determine energy density and annual energy yield. Determination of potential location energy density requires information on the nature of temporal and spatial flows (annual flow fluctuations) of the channel along with changes in depth, curves, and cross sections. To obtain detailed information on the hydrokinetic energy …