2018 : Searching the Correct and Appropriate Deterrence Function General Formula for Calculating Gravity Trip Distribution Model

Dr. Ir. Hitapriya Suprajitno M.Eng


Trip Distribution Model is the very important part of Transport Modeling. This is a result of a mathematical operation among Trip Generation, Generalized Cost Matrix, and Deterrence Function. Thus, it can be understood easily that having a correct and appropriate Deterrence Function Formula is important. Here, correct means the curve form is in concordance with typical general Trip Length Distribution pattern. While appropriate means the function is easy to be manipulated to get a good conformity with the Trip Length Distribution. Three Deterrence Function types, i. e. negative power, negative exponential, and Tanner, were investigated. The investigation was done upon Negative Power Function, Negative Exponential Function and 4 combinations of Tanner Function. The Negative Power and The Negative Exponential are correct. While, among the four Tanner Function combinations, the correct one is only the Tanner Function–Negative Power Negative Exponential and the Tanner Function–Positive Power Negative Exponential. The correct and appropriate Deterrence Function are the above four Basic Function Multiplied by a Constant.