2018 : Improvement of Shewhart Control Chart for Autocorrelated Data in Continuous Production Process

Prof. Ir. Moses Laksono Singgih M.Sc Ph.D


Shewhart Control Chart is widely used to monitor, control and improve quality in many industrial processes. Control chart is based on the assumption that the resulting data is distributed independently. But in the process of continuous production most data are autocorrelated. Autocorrelation is a state in which between sequential observations have a relationship. In order to use the control chart effectively, the autocorrelation in the data must be eliminated. Autocorrelation can be eliminated by mapping residual modeling results using the time series method because of the residuals of the modeling following a normal and independent distribution. In this study Genetic Algorithm is integrated with support vector regression for optimization of support vector regression model parameters for more accurate prediction result. The more accurate the model used, the predicted results will be close to the actual value so that the …