2012 : Preliminary Study on Degradation of Chitosan with Sonication

Prof. Dr. Ir. Achmad Roesyadi M.Sc


Degraded chitosan was prepared by sonication of chitosan. The effects of time period and temperature on molecular structure, intrinsic viscosity and conversion of dissolved substances were investigated. Chitosan decomposition was conducted through sonication process with a high intensity ultrasonic processor at temperatures from 20 to 60 °C on sonication period (10 - 120 min). The structure of the product was confirmed by FT-IR spectrum analysis. The intrinsic viscosity of degraded chitosan was determined by the method of viscometry. The decomposition of chitosan which is dissolved in water was followed by total organic carbon analyzer. The experimental results show that sonication caused the decrease of inter and intramolecular hydrogen bonding and intrinsic viscosity, eventhough the degraded chitosan which is dissolve in the water was still below 1 %.