2019 : Load forecasting for power system planning and operation using artificial neural network (a case study on Larona Hydro Power in the nickel smelting plant)

Ir. Aulia Siti Aisjah MT.


The research describes in this paper aims to help improve the performance of a Hydro Power plant operation and planning by analyzing the performance of its power loads. The amount of electrical energy used at certain times cannot be calculated exactly. This can lead to a lack of electricity supply on the consumer side if the generated power is less than the need electrical energy required. Increased electricity needs can also be cause problems to the quality of electric power that is delivered respectively. To overcome things, it is necessary to have a proper electric power system operation plan reliable through forecasting the electrical load in the future. In this study, carried out load forecasting for power system planning and operation of Larona Hydro Power Plant, in smelter plant Sorowako propose an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method. The ANN was implemented using tools of MATLAB. The structure of the …