2019 : Performance analysis in PID controller of turbine governor load frequency control using PSO algorithm and fuzzy logic at nickel smelting plant

Ir. Aulia Siti Aisjah MT.


Frequency setting and turbine control are the crucial items to determine the qualities of power produced in PT. Vale Indonesia Hydro Plant. The electrodes utilize the active power in calcining smelting processes. The fluctuating usage of the powers requires the turbine to have a proper response to load changes. Parameter determination of conventional method, In the existing system Ziegler-Nichols is used longer time in tuning the PID. To achieve optimal performance of PID, this research is conducted to study the Artificial Intelligence method l of Particles Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Fuzzy logic. By using these methods in simulation, we can determine the performances of each unit of Load Frequency PID Parameter Nickel Smelter hydropower plant.