2018 : Design and implementation of seawater eco distillatory using parabolic solar concentrator and photovoltaic pump for isolated island

Prof. Dr. Ir. Soeprijanto M.Sc.
Dr. Suyanto ST.,MT.


Water is a primary human need. Of the total fresh water in the world, less than 1% are ready to drink and 11% of the total human population cannot achieve it. WHO/UNICEF by 2015 reports there are nearly 750 million people in the world who still have inadequate drinking water. The current condition is also occurs in the Ay Island which located in Banda Naira Islands, Central Maluku, Indonesia. Ay Island residents have to travel for 4 hours to the main island of Banda Naira to buy clean water. To overcome the current situation, the government have tried to provide clean water by building a $4 billion dam project in 2016. However, the dam project is not able to meet the needs of the resident because of the polluted water. In this research is proposed an Eco Water Treatment by using Parabolic Solar Concentrator and Photovoltaic Pump. This method consists of two main parts, PV Sea Water Pump and Solar PV …