2018 : Stabilization/Solidification of Waste Containing Heavy Metals and Hydrocarbons Using OPC and Land Tras Cement

Prof. Dr. Yulinah Trihadiningrum M.App.Sc


The stabilization/solidification process (S/S) is one of the alternative treatment of B-3 waste, especially heavy metal. The S/S uses cement as solidification agent. Cement will bind heavy metal pollutants in a monolithic mass with a sturdy structure, will inhibit its movement. The presence of hydrocarbons affecting S/S strength. Therefore, it is necessary to add pozzolan material which can absorb hydrocarbon which is cement blocking component of pozzolan cement used is Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) which is combined with trash soil. This study aims to determine the maximum content of organic materials in the form of hydrocarbons can stabilize/solidify heavy metals contained in wastes containing hydrocarbons. This research is conducted in two steps. Stage I, to obtain the optimum composition of the mixture. Phase II is to determine the maximum content of hydrocarbons in percent weight that can stabilize …