2019 : Comparison Analysis of the Gmaw Pulsed Welding Process on Gmaw Modified Short Circuit in Offshore Piping System

Prof. Ir. Achmad Zubaydi M.Eng, Ph.D.


Welding is a process which commonly performed in fabrication industries such as shipyard or offshore industries. GMAW is one of most popular welding method that commonly used in structural fabrication and has a several transfer mode. Each of transfer mode has an advantage and weakness. This research would be doing analysis on the result of A106 carbon steel welding process that always used in the offshore piping system. The welding process uses pulsed transfer mode will be compared to the modified short circuit. The result is a modified short circuit that using 80% Ar+ 20% Co2 shielding gas gives the best result according to technical and cost aspect, that is good weld bead profile and more efficient at welding expense. Pulsed transfer modes that used gives a better result than modified short circuit transfer mode which using 100% Co2 as a shielding gas. The result of using pulsed transfer mode is more consistency level on weld bead and less spatter level which produces.