2017 : The implementation of biological monitoring working party average score per taxon (BMWP-ASPT) in a water quality analysis at Kalibokor drainage in Surabaya region

Ir. Atiek Moesriati M.Kes.



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This study was carried out in March 2017 at Kalibokor drainage in Surabaya. The aims of the study are to determine the water quality and to investigate the environmental quality using the Biological Monitoring Working Party Average Score Per Taxon (BMWP-ASPT) indices. Water quality was identified using the BMWP-ASPT method. Its score was calculated based on determining the number of macroinvertebrate taxa found. The result shows that ten taxa were detected at Kalibokor drainage, i.e., seven taxa from Mollusca, one taxon from Coleoptera, one taxon from Oligochaeta, and one taxon from Crustacea. Our study indicated that the water quality at Kalibokor drainage is poor and heavily polluted. However, this result is obtained from a particular sampling point. At other sampling points, we found an average level of polluted water quality. This finding also strongly demonstrates that these indices should be …