2021 : Integrated Monitoring System for Smart Networks - Solar Powered Street Lighting using the Radio Frequency Communication Module with the Autoroute Method

Ciptian Weried Priananda S.ST., M.T



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The use of solar power (photovoltaic) in public street lighting (PSL) has been widely applied as a destination to diversify renewable energy and increase the efficiency of electrical energy. The development of solar power usage in this PSL should go hand in hand with the rapid development of information and automation technology which is marked by the passage of the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). The key word of the 4th industrial revolution is connectivity, which seems not to have been optimally applied to the PSL network because the PSL has been designed so that it can work in a standalone manner. The problem that arises is, if one of these PSLs is damaged in the future, the maintenance system becomes more complicated because the information system is not yet available that is marked by the lack of good communication (connectivity) on the PSL network. The development of data communication that records every condition of PSL has indeed begun to be developed. There are several types of PSL network communications developed at this time, one of which is serial wireless communication that connects each PSL in sequential communication. With this method of sending data, which is then processed by the server, in fact it still has weaknesses, that is if one of the PSL communications is damaged, then the distribution of data communication will be interrupted and cannot be processed by the server. Therefore, it requires a development of communication with the AutoRoute method. This method will automatically search for other PSLs as long as they are within the range of distances that can be used for the communication module. By using a radio frequency (RF) module, it has several advantages, namely the relatively far data transmission distance (> 100m) and the lower price of an Ethernet-based wireless communication module. In this study a smart PSL network (Smart-Solar Powered Street Lighting) will be built with each PSL pole unit positioned as a Client that can communicate with each other not only with the PSL pole unit next to it, but also all PSL poles that are still in coverage area. The data collected will be processed by the Master into information that will be displayed on the Server screen. It is hoped that this monitoring system will simplify the maintenance and repair process of the PSL network, which has been difficult to do so far.