2019 : The Seasonal Analysis of Sea Level Variability in the Indonesian Waters

Dr. Eko Yuli Handoko ST.,MT.
Mokhamad Nur Cahyadi ST.,M.Sc.,Ph.D

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A number of sea level studies have pointed out that the rates of global mean sea level rise during the altimeter era (1992 – 2016) vary in the range of 3.0 and 3.4 mm/year. However, the sea level is not rising uniformly across the globe, e.g. the western tropical Pacific Ocean has a rate up to three times the global mean rate. The Indonesian seas, enclosed by the western Pacific Ocean, are included in the areas with the highest sea level variability. Due to its high vulnerability to the impact of sea level rise, the continuous monitoring of sea level variability in the Indonesian seas, where about 60% of the Indonesian population lives in coastal zone or low-elevation areas, becomes urgent. Since the sea level variability around the Indonesian seas is highly influenced by the El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon, the correlation between sea level variation and ENSO indices was performed. This research addresses to study the sea level in Indonesia by estimating the sea level variation using the satellite altimetry data sets and analysis the seasonal of sea level variability