2019 : Heavy metal contents and magnetic properties of surface sediments in volcanic and tropical environment from Brantas River, Jawa Timur Province, Indonesia

Dr. Widya Utama DEA


Brantas River is a largest urban river upplying raw water and drainage in Jawa Timur Province, Indonesia. Dense population along the river is a threat of pollution due to anthropogenic pollutants. In this study, we characterize the magnetic properties and heavy metal contents of surface sediments in various locations along the Brantas River. This study aims to enhance our understanding of the relationship between magnetic parameters and heavy metal contents in surface sediments from river. Surface sediment samples were taken and measured by a series of magnetic measurements, mineralogical analysis and heavy metal contents. The results show that magnetic minerals in surface sediments of Brantas River are dominated by PSD magnetite mineral. This relatively coarser grain size can be caused by magnetic particles produced by erosion around the river. Surface sediments have very high mass-specific …