2018 : Tailoring properties of acidic types of Natural Deep Eutectics Solvents (NADES): Enhanced solubility of curcuminoids from curcuma zeodaria

Prof. Dr.Ir. M.Rachimoellah Dip.EST
Orchidea Rachmaniah ST.,MT.


Recently Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (NADES) show their potential as a promising green solvents at 21th century for extraction of natural products. Rutin, a poorly water soluble flavonoid, was reported better solubilized in NADES than in water as well as a paclitaxel and ginkgolide B, a completely water-insoluble compound. In case of curcuminoids, phenolic compounds from powder of Curcuma Zeodaria shown better solubilized in acidic type of NADES such malic acid-sucrose-water (MAS-H2O = 1:1:11, mole ratio) and citric acid-sucrose-water (CAS-H2O = 1:2:15, mole ratio) compare to water and ethanol. Indicating that NADES, a water-based solvent, appropriate for extracting curcuminoids. However, the inherent high viscosity of NADES hamper the process extraction. Lowering the viscosity, water content of NADES is varied, adding a certain amount of water up to 60% of water content. All the varied water …