2019 : Safety assessment base fault tree analysis for sustainability fertilizer plant at East Java Indonesia

Dr. Ir. Ronny Dwi Noriyati M.Kes
Dr.Ir. Ali Musyafa M.Sc.


Protection system is a system to keep the process in order to remain safe in the event of an undesirable state. Analysis of the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) was conducted by doing Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Risk Graph in a case study on Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorber 101-E Unitin the Ammonia (NH3)) plant of fertilizer industry. Fault Tree Analysis is used to determine the SIL based on the potential rate of failure of components in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorber 101-E Unit. Here it is found that the SIL value of Benfield Solution Lean pump P-108J and P-108JA are in SIL 1 with the Probability Failure on Demand (PFD) 0.4121. While the Risk Graph is used to determine the value of SIL in each scenario of HAZOP Carbon Dioxide Absorber101-E Unit with some parameters such as consequences (C), the frequency of the field visit (O), the chances of avoiding danger (F) and the possibility of damage to the …