2019 : An analysis study of pressure drop from the difference of air pressure on air dryer on PT. Vale Indonesia

Totok Ruki Biyanto S.T., M.T., Ph.D.


Heat exchanger fouling is one of the most common and trouble issues in process industries. Heat exchanger on air drying operating under fouled conditions experience reduce thermal efficiencies and increases pressure drop. Lately the availability of air pressure for plant operations tends to decrease to below the normal pressure up to 70 Psi. While the other Compressor unit, as a provider of compressed air is added or run again it will cause a surge in the Compressor because of the indication of back pressure on the Compressor itself. Based on data collected from the field where the airflow discharge of 4,160 m3/s to 4,182 m3/s has caused an air pressure drop in the exchanger that is 12,555 Psi to 12,668 Psi, then the pressure evaporator decreases by 0,527 Psi to 0,533 Psi and on the separator amounting to 1,710 Psi to 1,730 Psi, the pressure drop on the output side of 10 Psi is right and in accordance with …