2019 : Drug loading-release behaviour of mesoporous materials SBA-15 and CMK-3 using ibuprofen molecule as drug model

Prof.Dr. Didik Prasetyoko S.Si., M.Sc.


The well-ordered mesoporous silicate (SBA-15) was synthesized via soft-templating route using block copolymer P-123 as directing agent and tetraethoxysilane as the silica source. The ordered mesoporous carbon (CMK-3) was synthesized via a hard casting route using SBA-15 as nano-template and sucrose as carbon source. The character of mesoporous structure of the samples was investigated by scanning electron microscopy, FTIR and element analysis. The loading release performance using SBA-15 and CMK-3 was investigated by ibuprofen molecule as the drug model. The results illustrated a unique trend of impregnation phenomenon from both of SBA-15 and CMK-3 which was closely related to the mesoporous structure of the materials. When the mesoporous carbon SBA-15 and CMK-3 were loaded by ibuprofen molecule, the agglomeration of ibuprofen did not appear on the outer surface of carbon …