2021 : Speed and Position Synchronization Control of Dual Speed Trolley System

Dwiky Fajri Syahbana S.T., M.T



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Synchronization of two motion system is a crucial issue occurred in many industrial process. In this research, a real case study is inspired from the dual speed trolley system applied to convey objects into x-ray sterilization system. A small-scale model is designed to evaluate the trolley movement performance. The synchronization error always happens while two closed loop controller are operated partially since unpredictable disturbance can appear due to the load changing. It can cause the trolleys are not transferred continuously or even broke the trolleys because they hit each other. Therefore, a cross-coupled control is designed analytically to tackle the barriers. From the simulation evaluation it gives promising performance, and the synchronization errors can be minimized. Then, the method is implemented to the small-scale model and it can also perform better than the uncoupled system.