2018 : Analysis of Orthorectification Accuracy of Pleiades and SPOT6 Images For Mapping Basic of RDTR Coastal Area (Case Study: District of Jenu, Tuban)

Prof. Dr. Ir. Bangun Muljo Sukojo DEA.DESS


The coastal area of Tuban Regency in various spatial plans is planned to be one of the economic growth centers in East Java. The plan requires a detailed Spatial Plan (RDTR) map, especially the Coastal Area with high accuracy. However, the current RDTR map still lacks high accuracy. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to analyze the accuracy of high-resolution satellite image orthorectification, so that it can be used for making RDTR base map. In this research, orthorectification process is done by using satellite image data of Pleiades 1A and SPOT6 with Rational Polynomial Coefficient (RPC) method. As a supporting data are Ground Control Point (GCP) of 11 points and Independent Check Point (ICP) of 12 points and DEM Astrium Terra SAR-X data for satellite image altitude correction so that the image is upright. Based on the processing and data analysis, the accuracy horizontal image of Upright …