2016 : Multi response optimization in face milling process of assab xw-42 tool steel with liquid nitrogen cooling using taguchi-grey-fuzzy method

Ir. Bobby Oedy Pramoedyo S. MSc., Ph.D.
Bambang Pramujati ST, MSc.Eng, Ph.D


In this study, optimization of milling parameters on surface roughness, material removal rate and cutting force during symmetrical cryogenic face milling process of tool steel ASSAB XW42 were investigeted. The milling parameters varied are cutting speed, feeding speed, axial depth of cut and flow rate of cryogenic cooling. The experimental design using a L18 orthogonal array and it is selected based on the Taguchi method. Experiments were completely randomized and repeated twice. Grey relational grade used to analyze the level of multiple responses (surface roughness, material removal rate and cutting force). Fuzzy logic was used to perform fuzzy reasoning of some performance characteristics. Experimental results show that the axial depth of cut gives the highest contribution for reducing the total variation of the multiple response, followed by flow rate, feeding speed and cutting speed. The maximum material removal rate and minimum surface roughness and cutting force could be obtained by using the values of flow rate, cutting speed, feeding speed and axial depth of cut of 0.5 l/minute, 300 m/minute, 150 mm/minute and 0.2 mm respectively.