2019 : High voltage electrode boiler implementation using hydropower in a process steam production scenario

Gunawan Nugroho ST, MT., Ph.D


High Voltage Electrode Boiler (HVEB) is a high pressure saturated boiler that converts power-to-heat. HVEB is promising to be applied to industries that have a source of energy derived from hydro renewable energy. The methodology to estimate HVEB future performance is developed in three steps. The First step is designed to mass and heat balance HVEB cycles. Step Two is designed to detail specification of HVEB, Deaerator, Blowdown and Boiler Feed Pump (BFP). Step three is varying process steam demand by setting the blowdown rate at fix flowrate. Power to steam efficiency of HVEB, power consumption/process steam generation, operating cost comparison fossil fuel boiler VS HVEB and payback period fossil fuel boiler.