2019 : Economic feasibility of weather modification technology application (GBG towers) on hydropower Larona River

Dr.rer.nat. Ir. Aulia Muhammad Taufiq Nasution M.Sc.


Weather Modification Process to increase the amount of rainfall can be done continuously if weather conditions are favorable and can be used to maintain the lake water level especially during the dry season. By keeping the lake water level with Weather Modification Technology the environmental balance between supply and demand will be maintained. Towuti Lake located on the upper of the Larona River is the main water supply for 3 Hydropower, therefore optimizing the water resources in the Larona Basin as a whole is necessary to reduce production costs. The reduced supply of electricity from the 3 hydropower will certainly affect the disruption of nickel production and electrical energy sources for the community. This feasibility evaluation aims to calculate the losses if not implemented Weather Modification Technology (TMC), especially the use of ground clouds in the form of Tower Ground Based Generator …