2018 : Influence of Palm Biofuel for Marine Diesel Engine on Combustion and Exhaust Emission Characteristics

Ir. Aguk Zuhdi Muhammad Fathallah M.Eng, Ph.D


Biofuel might be one of the good candidate of future marine fuel where 30% reduction of EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) from 2025 and more in the future will be required. Today Biofuel of FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) made from various source is already mixed to some extent in gas oil or diesel oil for land use. This paper focuses on the use of Biofuel both with and without methyl esterification treatment to marine diesel engines where the fuel heating system can be easily applied. We obtained FAME and CPO (Crude Palm Oil) from Indonesia and conducted engine combustion experiment on the 4 stroke cycle medium speed marine diesel engine. We investigated the effect of mixing ratio of CPO or FAME in MDO (Marine diesel oil) on combustion and exhaust emission characteristics. The combustion of both Biofuel showed good except CPO at low load, which could be improved by the pre-injection. The results of experiments not only combustion but also other problem like the clogging of filter are discussed and the possibility of usage both CPO and FAME by mixing into MDO with some care of heating and filtering for the marine diesel engine are shown.