2018 : Food Safety and Halal Food Risks in Indonesian Chicken Meat Products: An Exploratory Study

Prof. Dr. Ir. Udisubakti Ciptomulyono M.Eng.Sc.


Food safety and halal food is an important for quality of food. Food safety affects human health, while halal affects in Islam regions. This study aims to: explore issues in food safety and halal risk in Indonesian chicken meat products. Two cases of chicken meat companies that have implemented food safety and halal food are observed and compared. The data were collected through observation and interviews. Through this data collection, critical factors and importance issues of food safety and halal food risks in Indonesian chicken meat products can be exposed. The expectation of this study is results of this study to understand the extent to food safety and halal food risks, the critical point, critical processes, and integration between food safety and halal food issues in chicken meat products.