2019 : Unsteady nano fluid flow through magnetic porous sphere under the influence of mixed convection

Dr. Drs. Chairul Imron MI.Komp.
Prof. Dr. Basuki Widodo M.Sc.


This paper considers about the nano fluid flow through porous sphere under the influence of mixed convection problem. Dimensional equations are further constructed by the continuity, momentum, and energy equations. The dimensional equations that have been obtained is further converted into non-dimensional equations by using non-dimensional variables. These non-dimensional equations are transformed into similarity equation by using stream function. These similarity equations further resolved numerically by using the KellerBox Scheme to analyze the effect of both mixed convection and magnetic toward velocity and its temperature profiles. We obtain that the velocity distribution and the temperature decrease when the magnetic parameter's value increases, and the velocity distributions and the temperature increase when the mixed convection's value increase.