2019 : The Type of Wall Material in Simple Houses That Have Energy Efficient In Humid Tropics Area-Case study in Surabaya

Dr. Ir. Vincentius Totok Noerwasito


The large variety of alternative wall materials currently promises improved construction and comfort in buildings. The use of energy-efficient compounds has received less attention, particularly with respect to simple buildings. Energy in this case involves both cooling and embodied energy types. This research analyzes the use of various types of materials in simple houses. The study aims to determine which types of wall material can save energy. The research problem involves determining the type of materials that are efficient in terms of both cooling and embodied energies. The research method used simulation and optimization. The location of the study was Surabaya, Indonesia. The simulation model employed a simple house of type 36. Wall materials analyzed comprised red bricks, hollow blocks, earth compresses, lightweight bricks and papercrete blocks. Cooling energy calculations involved the use of Archipak software. Optimization was performed on both cooling and embodied energies of the building model. This study determined the type of material that is energy efficient with respect to both cooling and embodied energy types in a simple house of type 36 in the humid tropics.