2018 : Strength Analysis and Sea-Fastening Design of Container Crane Structure for Heavy Lifting Sea Transportation

DR. Ir Wisnu Wardhana


Article PreviewArticle PreviewArticle PreviewThis paper discusses heavy-lifting sea-transportation of 831-ton container-crane in Indonesia from Surabaya to Kupang. Structural strength analysis is carried out to ensure the safety of the crane during the transportation process. The purpose of this analysis is to design the sea-fastening construction capable of redistributing the excessive stress that might occurred, to avoid structural failure. The first step is to model the crane structure and barge under certain various drafts. This is important because selection of the proper draft will determine the suitable righting moments of barge and hence to ensure good stability. The selected drafts under investigation are taken between 0.25 T to 0.75 T. The result of the structural strength calculation shows that the static load is found around 8150 kN. Loads due to motion of barge for heave, roll, and pitch motions are 116 kN, 7424 kN …