2019 : Analysis of solar potential for electricity generation in PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk. Sorowako

Dr. Imam Abadi ST., MT


PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk. (PT. Vale) is a nickel mining company operating in Sorowako area, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk. will experience a shortage of power resources starting in 2022 as production increases. The number of power shortages increases progressively to 61 MW in 2027. Therefore, additional energy resources are needed to support the production needs of PT. Vale Indonesia. Based on 3Tier, the value of solar irradiation in the surrounding Sorowako ranges from 1400 - 1700 kWh/m2. This study aims to analyze solar resources potential as an additional energy source. The methodology is using mathematically calculation and then validated by data of satellite, NASA and actual measurement.