2019 : Design active fault tolerant control system for regenerative anti-lock braking system of electric vehicle with fault at actuator

Dr. Katherin Indriawati ST, MT


Safety is very important for the braking system in electric cars, with the development of technology, is created Regenerative Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Control system that works on regenerative ABS actuators requires high performance and reliability. The failures on regenerative ABS actuators can change the safety level of electric cars. One of the methods that can tolerate the failures is Active Fault Tolerant Control (AFTC). Failures on the hydraulic actuator will be compensated. Design of AFTC and The application of Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) as controller of regenerative ABS is able to compensate bias error of 9%, 12%, 16% and loss of effectiveness is 6% with control performances result shown by Maximum Overshoot is 18,3%; Settling Time is 0,081s; and Steady State Error is 0,9%. Loss of effectiveness at 6%, the response of the slip ratio becomes 0 without AFTC at 0.87 seconds, while the AFTC …