2018 : Parameter Estimation of Maneuvering Variables of SIGMA-Extended War Ship Using Kalman Filter

Ir. Agoes Achmad Masroeri M.Eng,D.Eng


Article PreviewArticle PreviewArticle PreviewSIGMA-class warship one of warship type is designed up to sea state 6. The ship was redesigned in enlarged dimensions, and called SIGMA extended class warships. A control system can give a performance of response in accordance to the set point when the value of controlled variable can be transmitted to the controller accurately. The characteristic of sensor is not usually able to tranmit a proper value, due to the noise on the sensor and also the environment disturbances. This paper describe a strategy of Kalman filter to estimate variables controlled when the presence noise on the compass or gyrocompas. The result of Kalman filter implementations give the magnitude of the integral absolute error of yaw and sway less than 5%, when there are noise on the measurement and the disturbances.