2019 : Analisis Potensi Likuifaksi dengan Metode Deterministik di Wilayah Surabaya

Putu Tantri Kumala Sari ST., MT.


Surabaya has an earthquake potential reach to 6.5 Mw. Moreover, on average, Surabaya area is a lowland which is alluvial deposits. Thus, it is required to perform potential liquefaction. Liquefaction potential analysis was performed by taking the soil data from the center of Surabaya. The initial of liquefaction potential analysis was conducted by considering soil gradation, relative density (DR), fine content (FC), degree of saturation (SR) dan SPT number. However, the advanced analysis was undertaken by utilizing Youd and Idriss 2001 dan metode Idriss 2008. The results of initial of liquefaction potential analysis show that the soil has potential to be liquefied at the depth 1-7m, however at the depth 22m the soil is not liquefied. Furthermore, the results of advanced analysis and conclusions of the analysis show that the soil has a liquefied potential at the depth 17 m from the surfaceABSTRAKKota Surabaya memiliki …