Ali Musyafa, Imam Abadi, Adi Soeprijanto : Type-2 Fuzzy Logrc Controller Based PV Passive Two-Axis Solar Tracking System

Dr.Ir. Ali Musyafa M.Sc.
Imam Abadi ST., MT
Prof.Dr.Ir Adi Soeprijanto M.T.



Published in

International Review of Electrical Engineering (I.RE.E.)

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Jurnal Internasional


Passive -Solar-Tracker;Two-Axis-Type-2;FLC; PV;


A solar tracking system is made to energt efficiency improvement of PY. The significant increase of solar energt is received by PV in ihe end of dry when PV is connecteil to a solar tracker. Solar tracker cqn be classified into two models based on tracking mechanism: active (electrooptics) and passive (solar path). Electrooptical based a solar tracker system has weabless -ia locating-tlu san po*itien whenclan$, or ir ean-be eacily ittfirerrced we*herconditioa. Jn lhis research, a passive two atcis solar tracWng system, where the proposed tracking method is bosed on solar trajectory calculation, is fusigned tested and installed on PY to wercome westher problems. A type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) was designed and inplementedfor controlling ihis system. Meawvhile, type-l FLC was also realizetl on ihe system antl ihe performance of ihe control methodwas iwestigated ond comparedwith type-2 FLC. The experiment results obtained shou,ed werall type-2 FLC has a better performance than type-l. The efficiency of the proposed solar trach,er over the peiod of the experiment was around 48 % of fixed system. Cryright @ 2015 Proise Worthy Prize S.nL - All rights resened.