Hari Prastowo, Semin : Advanced Ship Propulsion Technology: A Review

Ir. Hari Prastowo M.Sc
Semin ST, MT.



Published in

Asian Journal of Applied Sciences

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Jurnal Internasional


Advanced ship propulsion; propulsion technology; types of propulsion


Ships need drive in order to move from one place to another. Propulsion has been known since 40,000 BC and continues to grow. In the development of increasingly complex use of the vessel so that it will directly affect the ability of propulsion to move the ship. Taking into account the purpose and use of the design of the ship, then the designer will consider in the choice of the type of propulsion that will be used so that the ship and propulsion really matching at the time of operation. Selection of the right will ensure the vessel's ability to maneuver in the conditions and situations that will be encountered by the ship itself. With the technological revolution, especially in the field of marine have impacted very significant in the development of marine transportation and water in particular ships, which have given rise to other types of ships along with other types of propulsion are more trusted and considered to ensure the vessel's ability to operate in accordance with current needs. Each type of propulsion have advantages and disadvantages of each, but in spite of that each type of propulsion has been tested capacity and feasibility in each era. This paper review, put forward the types of propulsion and development since it was first discovered up to now, with the development of technology in the field of marine then there are several types of propulsion used as ship propulsion. Researchers are still conducting research to choose the suitable type of propulsion that can address global issues concerning environmental pollution