Cahyono Susetyo : Comparison of Digital Elevation Modelling Methods for Urban Environment

Cahyono Susetyo ST., MSc



Published in

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences


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Jurnal Internasional


digital elevation modelling;IDW;TIN;Kriging


This paper discussed comparison of three Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) Interpolation methods, namely TIN, IDW, and KRIGING. This paper tries to find which model can produce the best estimation for DEM construction when the same dataset is used for all of the methods. Two parameters are used to measure the accuracy of resulted DEM, which are the Mean Error and the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE). The results from the DEM generation show that TIN consistently produce a higher Mean Error and RMSE compared to other methods, which indicate that this method has a relatively low accuracy when used to construct a DEM. On the other hand, IDW and KRIGING have a similar accuracy for constructing DEM. Therefore, another method of assessment such as visual assessment is recommended to evaluate which method is the most suitable to construct a DEM.