Semin, Muhammad Badrus Zaman : Power Performance Characteristics Investigation of Gas Engine using New Injector

Semin ST, MT.
Dr.Eng Muhammad Badrus Zaman ST., MT.



Published in

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research

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Jurnal Internasional


Gas engine; diameter holes injector; engine conversion; new injector; power performance


The conversion of marine diesel engine to Gas engine has been reduced the engine power. The Gas engine is need improvement to increase the engine power. In this paper, the new injector has been improved to increase the Gas engine power. The investigation results of the effect of new injector on power performance of a Gas engine are based on experimental. The effect of the new injector nozzles with multi-diameter holes on the indicated and brake power performance of the Gas engine is shown that new injector nozzle with 3.0 mm diameter holes produced the highest power compared to the other injectors. In this investigation, the 3.0 mm diameter hole injector nozzle increased the higher power by 8.5%, since the greater diameter nozzle holes injected gas fuel more evenly and enhanced mixing with intake air in the combustion chamber.