Semin, Muhammad Badrus Zaman : Effect of New Injector on the Torque Performance Characteristics of Gas Engine

Semin ST, MT.
Dr.Eng Muhammad Badrus Zaman ST., MT.



Published in

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research

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Jurnal Internasional


Gas engine; computational simulation; new injector; torque performance


In this article, the torque performance characteristics has been investigated based on the new injector computational model. The indicated torque represents the thermodynamic work transferred from the gas fuel to the piston converted via geometry to a torque applied to the crankshaft. The methods of torque performance characteristics investigation is based on new injector with improve the injector nozzle holes with variation in different diameter of injector nozzle holes. The investigation of engine performance is based on variation engine speed and variation in intake valve lift. The results of this investigation showed differences in indicated torque and brake torque for the different types of new injector nozzle hole geometry. In the investigation on the CNG engine using the new injector has been increase the torque performance.