Hari Prastowo, Semin, Muhammad Badrus Zaman, Amiadji, Tony Bambang Musriyadi, Agoes Santoso, Dwi Priyanta, Sardono Sarwito, Alam Baheramsyah : Investigation of Fuel Flow Velocity on CNG Engine using New Injector

Ir. Hari Prastowo M.Sc
Semin ST, MT.
Dr.Eng Muhammad Badrus Zaman ST., MT.
Ir. Amiadji M.Sc.
Ir. Tony Bambang Musriyadi
Ir. Agoes Santoso M.Sc.
Ir. Dwi Priyanta M.SE
Ir. Sardono Sarwito M.Sc
Ir. Alam Baheramsyah M.Sc.

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Jurnal Internasional


CNG engine; computational simulation; fuel flow velocity; new injector


In this paper, the new injector has been developed based on computational model. The methods of fuel flow velocity investigation from the CNG engine using new injector simulations focused on the combustion chamber area. The fuel flow velocity in the combustion chamber affected the combustion and performance of the engine. From the simulation of every new injector nozzle holes type, the velocity in the combustion chamber was different and most of the velocities were higher and better compared to the original injection nozzle.