Hanim Maria Astuti, Anisah Herdiyanti Prabowo : Factors Influencing The Success Of Hospital Management Information Systems In A Mental Hospital In Indonesia

Hanim Maria Astuti S.Kom, M.Sc
Anisah Herdiyanti Prabowo S.Kom., M.Sc.



Published in

International Journal of Information Systems and Engineering (IJISE)

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A hospital, as a healthcare provider, has a main business process, i.e. to provide the best healthcare services for its customers. Performing a wrong and error work could lead to an irreversible disaster in the issue of the health of patients. Therefore, the work of all staffs in a hospital must be managed according to the principal of correctness, accuracy and timeliness of any information. Hospital information systems (HIS) provide significant information processing for hospitals to manage all the data and information in an accurate and short time way. A hospital that utilizes HMIS is believed to gain more benefits for its patients, staffs and organization itself. However, many hospitals implementing Hospital Information Systems are failed to reap the offered benefits. Many reasons were identified by scholars and one of which raises the necessity for evaluating the systems. This paper presents the evaluation of Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS) to identify the most influencing factor that leads to a higher net benefits in implementing the HMIS for a hospital. The case study used is the biggest mental hospital in East Java, Indonesia. The result is expected to contribute to add literature on the evaluation of healthcare information systems especially in Indonesia.