R. Irwan Bagyo Santoso, Bambang Widjanarko Otok : determination of sample size for evaluation greenspace using the cumulative concentration levels of carbon dioxide in ambient air

Dr. R. Irwan Bagyo Santoso M.T
Bambang Widjanarko Otok S.Si., M.Si.



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international journal of academic research

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Jurnal Internasional


cumulative concentration sample evaluated green space sample size


Time series data of carbon dioxide concentration within 24 hours used for determination of the cumulative concentration levels of carbon dioxide (Net-CO2-Con). The cumulative concentration levels of carbon dioxide concentration was within 24 hours (Net-CO2-Con) resultant of uptake CO2- emission CO2, was represented space of concentration measurements. Spaces designated representative concentration measurements of wind (VR) and the time changesin the concentration measurement of wind and the time changes in the concentration of carbon dioxide. usedindicator of cumulativeconcentrationlevels of CO was to evaluate the avibility of green space. It was enaugh for green space when the levels was zero or negative , the uptake CO@ was greater than emission of CO2. The sample size of analysis for evaluating the avaibility of green space in the city area aws set as the wide of city, the wind , the level of sifnificance and the error rate of sample size