Adithya Sudiarno : User Acceptance Modeling toward e-Health Based Social Network Sites : Case Study Utilization of Facebook as a Media to Share Knowledge about Health

Adithya Sudiarno ST., MT.



Published in

Journal of Health Research

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Jurnal Internasional


E-health Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Social factors


The presence of Social Network Sites (SNS) has opened the chance to utilize SNS (e.g. Facebook) as a manifestation of e-health. There are millions of Groups in Facebook created by the members, for example the “Aku Ingin Hamil - AIH” from Indonesia. The great potential for knowledge sharing activities in the AIH Group suggests an important question to be examined : what kinds of reasoning or motivation leads people to use e-health-based-social networking as a medium to share knowledge? This research proposed a modified Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in order to explain willingness to use e-health. Using an online questionnaire, 215 respondents were obtained randomly. Model testing was conducted using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) indicating that our modified TAM model complies with the goodness of fit model prerequisite. This research result is that the usage of an e-health-based social network was much influenced by the existence of shared goals, interpersonal trust, and social ties.